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Reality Fair

By Jack:
My position was electricity/utilities. At the Reality Fair, students would be given a ledger, which is like a history of your transactions. People would come to me after they were given a house or apartment, and the pricing for electricity and heating was the same for the type of apartment or house they had. However, the only difference is that if they live in an apartment, they would not have to pay for water and sewage. Unlike last year, when I just visited, this year I was working the Reality Fair. It was a great experience.

By Clare:

On Friday January 11, students in Pathways had a great time participating in the Reality Fair with Ms. Fortunato's Finanical Literacy class.  My career was the artist. I planned to live in the apartment. While I picked the apartment, I chose to live in the one bedroom. At Jack's table, I counted how much I had to pay for electricities, it was a lot! Practice was helpful to plan my future. 

By George: 

I went to reality fair with Hope. Nick…

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