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CCHS Prom 2019

By George:
I went to the prom with Clare. It was in Boston, at Boston Park Plaza Hotel. I rode the bus with Clare and Ms. Elmes, and Clare's cousin. I gave Clare a flower wrist band!
I ate pasta and salad.  I also had vanilla ice cream with Oreo topping.

By Clare:
Prom was awesome! I met Ms. P and Mr. Flynn in Boston Park Plaza. I also met Sam, Nathan, Keilan, Hope, Lara, and Shannon there.  The food was great, I had pasta, salad, chicken parm, ravioli and a roll. I also ate dessert too. I ate vanilla ice cream with multiple toppings. The dinner and the dessert were so good! I danced to "Party in the USA", "Call Me Maybe", and "Timber". I cut the rug! I felt exhausted dancing! At the end of Prom, I fell asleep on a 30 minute bus ride from Boston back to CCHS.

By Ms. Elmes: 
I really enjoyed chaperoning the prom. It was great to see everyone dressed up and having fun. Dancing with Clare and George was my favorite part of the night!

By Ms. P:
The Concord~Ca…

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